Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah, Hypocrisy. Where Would the GOP be Without You?

Odd Car Crash

First time I've seen one with parachutes.  If only those of us that have been fucked by the "too big to fail" banks (like J.P.Morgan Chase and Bank of America piece of shit motherfuckers) had a parachute.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hermaphrodites in the Military

They're covered under the "Don't ask, can't tell" policy. -Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from NPR

Pine Mouth - Long Story Short: Stay Away from Chinese Pine Nuts

Friday a friend of mine made a pesto.  Yesterday (Sunday) I was tidying up the kitchen and went to put the pine nuts in the right cabinet.  Of course I popped some in my mouth and went about my business.  As I finished the beer I was drinking I noticed a distinct bitter flavor in the back of my mouth which I dismissed as some lingering aftertaste of the Abita Turbodog I had left over from the Superbowl.  By the time I went to bed it had gotten pervasive though the last Turbodog had been consumed four or five hours before.

Unfortunately today I am constantly tasting this bitter taste in the back of my mouth and tongue.  I complained about it to my better half earlier today and she asked if I had eaten any pine nuts.  It actually took me a few moments to realize I had snacked on them.  Turns out she had read on one of her food blogs about the phenomenon known as "pine mouth" that was being caused by certain pine nuts.  Sadly this effect would appear to persist for days and even weeks! Its onset may have been triggered by my snacking on the pine nuts and that effecting those I had eaten as pesto two days before, or the snacked pine nuts may have been coincidental

Here's a picture of the offending pine nuts:

If there was ever an argument against buying any "American" types of food from China, this is it. The closest thing to a scientific study of this (totally observational but observed by scientists self experimenting) is here, and a pretty good article about it is here.  Not much information out there (though what is has thousands of responses of people experiencing this) but one thing I can tell you is if this taste sticks around for a couple of weeks I'm going to be very unhappy.  Here's a quick synopsis of what I've found out:
1.  It would appear this is caused by Chinese pine nuts only.
2.  It is probably caused by the nuts being heated in transit (imagine containers full of them riding cargo ships across the ocean) and the heat altering certain triglycerides.
3.  This is not caused by contamination by heavy metals or pesticides.
4.  It seems onset is around two days after ingestion.
5.  The effects last from several days to over two weeks.
6.  It does not effect smell but wreaks havoc on your taste buds.

Still Feels Like a Car Crash, Huh?

Even after what just happened with the stock market the GOP are still trying to push through privatization of Social Security!  Just pay more taxes you rich fucks!

Monday, February 8, 2010

What is Up With this Teleprompter Noise?

So not only are right wingers stupid, they have collective amnesia?  You would think no public official had ever read off a teleprompter until Obama... or is that they're pissed he does it so well while Shrub managed to fuck up even when reading his speeches?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crashin' Some Cars and Stickin' Some 'Celerators, Yo!

I'm just realizing (after seeing several of these) that the "suck accelerator" has also become a meme in political satire that relates directly to the car crash meme. It won't have the staying power of the car crash because, let's face it, a lot of this country's politics looks just like a car crash. As long as there are cars with people in them there will be car crashes while Toyota will shrink massively until it gets back its reputation for quality... or they'll go bankrupt, either way the stuck accelerator thing will end, but until it does, I'll post cartoons about it: