Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rand Paul Skips Briefing on NSA Activities So I Write Him a Letter

Mr. Paul,

So you can shout loudly about how offended you are by the NSA's activities but you know so much you can't be bothered to stay for an extensive briefing on the subject?  You are a disgrace to the Senate and to this nation.

Alan Miller

More Unbelievable Spam - Who Responds to this BS?

(Got this one twice)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Bunch of Links and Wisdom from @AlanEvil

Just in case you're not following Alan on Twitter here's some highlights of things you should read (or simply hysterical thoughts from) the last week:

REPORT: Swept Up In "Scandal," Network Sunday Shows Drop Coverage Of Economy

It is OK to call Laura Ingraham a stupid fucking cunt, right?  

Self delusion isn't just a river in Egypt anymore... or something: Straight from the moron files.  

It appears not everyone in North Carolina is batshit crazy.

Sen. Collins: I Was Never Briefed On PRISM  

Cartoonists see more clearly. What a curse.  

When you say "terrorist acts" doesn't that mean it's terrorism? I just don't get this wingnut linguistic confusion.

's piece on Reagan was fucking awesome. Hopefully that will show up on YouTube so I can send it to certain people. 

Congrats on leading in Michigan Senate race!

I'm getting the feeling that right wing trolls like to bombard opponents with insults and then block them so they can't reply. Is that fun? 

HAHA! And you're obviously a Very Important Person. Gotchya. People "off the grid" defending Fox News always are. 

Liberty v Safety? I think we may have given up way too much for too little. SMBC - June 10, 2013  

Have a drink before you drive. Less ALL CAPS that way.

I wonder what (GOP) is keeping us from making welfare have no cutoff points (GOP)?

Got blocked by a Faux Noise moron after over a dozen ad hominem and abusive attacks I didn't answer. Way to go, dick.

And as Fox does backflips telling its legion of morons Obama ordered the IRS investigations there's this:  

The GOP in action! RT Fed index ranks Wisconsin 49th in economic outlook  

Yeah, I think I subscribe to one of those: Toothpaste For Dinner: least popular podcasts  

Don't forget: Guns make you safer. Right?  

TX jury says it's ok to shoot a woman if she won't have sex. We've got to fix this  

Why Homeless People Don't Use Shelters  

What a maroon. RT Rush Limbaugh: "We are in the midst of a coup taking place"  

Ricin doesn't kill people, gun nuts sending it through the mail kill people... with it.

So horrible. I love you so much comic blasphemy! "Caring For Your New Puppy"  

"It would embarass us and you would hate us if you knew so it's secret." Nothing new with this admin, just more. 

a) find picture of shocked Richard Nixon, b) create meme: "Fags eat what?"

Facism, it's here, it's now, it spreads like a disease...  

I will be making puppets and causing them to speak the seven words that break the boundaries between earth and hell.

I don't think it is unfair to scrutinize"Taxed Enough Already."aand the one application denied?  

They called themselves Teabaggers to begin with. And yes, I have utter contempt for those morons. 

Here's what happens when you turn things over to "The Market": (and yes, we're getting there, thanks to capitalism).

I can remember when God just spoke to me. Now he tweets at me. What's next? Facebook friend poking me?

Rules fuck dogma grammar is.

Why does anyone question the decision to grill the fuck out of groups whose raison d'etre is hating taxes?

This IRS BS is not a scandal. The Teabaggers deserved close scrutiny. You want a real scandal?  

That sound? Conservatives' heads exploding, even though they're usually really good at cognitive dissonance.  

Are you aware that more progressive and liberal groups applying for 501(c)(4) status were targeted? F* the teabaggers IMHO

When the truth just doesn't do it for you: FOX NOISE.  

Remember: guns keep you safe. via  

It's because the criminal rich are always finding better ways to steal our wealth at every point in life.

Health care, student loans, credit cards, payday loans: It's how the criminal rich steal our wealth. They write the laws, not us.

Boy, talk about a lesson in how f*ed up this Congress is: via