Monday, May 27, 2013

"Thank 'God'" - Tom Tomorrow

The assumption by the Main Stream Press of the goodness of Believers as well as the assumption that the exception in a disaster is somehow the sign of a beneficent deity has always bothered me.   What kind of asshole thinks they're extra special pets of their master in the sky because they didn't die and everyone around them did?  How can you worship a monster that destroys elementary schools but saves your sorry adult ass?  What kind of cunt deity wipes out an entire city but blesses one lady by saving her dog or one woman by not killing her child while killing dozens of other people's children?  Believers are full of shit and the news media that panders to them is as well.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Married to the Sea - Goddamned Government

My dad is a life long hunter and I've hunted a bit as well.  My shotgun is a full choke 20 gauge single shot shotgun.  We also have a 20 gauge pump that holds three shells and my dad prefers a double barrel 12 gauge.  As far as rifles go we only had a single shot .22 because we only ever used it for "varmints" or to pepper unwelcome dogs with so called rat shot which is pretty much a little tiny shotgun shell for a little bitty rifle.  My brother has a bolt action 30.06 sniper rifle from WWII that he has for deer and I think it might hold six rounds.  There really is not a good reason for anyone to have the kinds of gigantic magazines the NRA is so desperate to defend, unless you consider murdering as many people as possible as quickly as is possible a "good reason."  Guns are not toys and should never be treated as toys.  The only other reason for extended magazines would be for people that treat their firearms as toys to have fun with.  In my opinion there is no good reason for extended magazines.

Tom the Dancing Bug - "Nixonian"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tea Party Butt Hurt - Matt Bors

Seriously, your entire rhetoric and even your fucking name is based on your hatred of paying taxes and you get upset that you get extra scrutiny from the taxman?  Idiots.

This is the scandal that simply isn't a scandal.  There may have been some clumsiness and bumbling at the bottom but trying to make this out as if it were ordered by that Kenyan Muslim in the White House is silly.

Drunk on Power - Clay Bennett


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