Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Batshit Crazy Report: Victoria Jackson

So former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson has been a bit of a wingnut for years but she's now jumped completely into the Batshit Crazy club.  Apparently she is privy to highly classified information we're not because she hosts a web talk show.  Since I have a podcast talk show, why wasn't I invited?  I can tell you why:  because I'm not batshit crazy.  Jackson has entered the self reinforcing circle jerk of BELIEVERS like the 9/11-wasn't-airplanes folks or the vaccine deniers or climate change deniers or even holocaust deniers.  She and her bunch of mentally challenged bigots are convinced Muslims are taking over the country... but they're doing it secretly.  That's why there's no proof, see.  But since "[v]ery few people in America are informed and educated as [she is]" we just can't see the landslide of Sharia law and "extremist" Muslims in our government.  Hey, Victoria it's because of lack of existence, not because you're a secret genius.  I've come to realize that when wingnuts shout "extremist" the only extremists are the shouters.  Any and all environmentalists are "extremist" just as all Muslims are "extremist" but try to tell them (easily proven) that the biggest internal terrorist threat we face is from Christian extremists and you are a dangerous extremist of some sort.  Suggest that we conserve energy to combat the biggest threat to our national security, according to the Department of Defense and you're an extremist but actively act in direct opposition to conservation by driving an SUV, heating your house to 80°F in winter, or building a pipeline to carry crude from the dirtiest and most environmentally source of oil on the planet and you're a patriot.  Apparently for Victoria Jackson you need to be a religious (and racial) bigot as well as a complete pig to be a true patriot.  How you go from SNL to drooling web talk show moron is beyond me but congratulations, Victoria on your entrance into the Batshit Crazy Club!