Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shhhhh, So Very Quiet (cont'd)

The posts have been few and far between of late, and I apologize for that.  I have been posting blurbs to the MOpod blog regularly but I really feel I should write at least one long piece a week for this blog (after all, that's what it's here for) rather than only posting cartoons and links, and I've barely done that of late.  This is summer and when you work on houses this is when you can work a lot so you do, because during the winter monthly income can hit $0.  I do have the tiny excuse that I'm writing a fairly long piece about outsourcing that I'm going to try to sell.  Perhaps a few bits of that article will be excerpted here.  But things are still going on in the world and dammit, you deserve my opinion on these things.  In the meantime, please check out the podcast I do with my friend Dr. David Overbey every week (except for the occasional week or two in the summer) as well as the blog for the podcast.  If I have time later tonight I will dump a bunch of links and videos.

your editor,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Louisville Cops SUCK

Here's a letter sent to LMPD today after being stopped yet again on Monday:

To whom it may concern (and at this point I doubt that is anyone on the police force):

I own a house on the edge of Smoketown and have for almost a decade. In the last few months I have been stopped TWICE by bullying cops demanding I show them my ID. They have had no reason to stop me other than I am white and driving a work van. I am sick and tired of this treatment. Both times I was spoken to in that condescending tone of voice that says, "I know you're a criminal and I caught you." This last time (Monday 8-19-2010) I was getting some tools out of my garage and the two steroid pumped thugs in LMPD uniforms you've put on the street approached me and DEMANDED I show them my ID. In case you people haven't heard, this is not East Germany and you are not the STASI. You are not wardens and I am not a prisoner. You have no right to demand an ID of a citizen who has done NOTHING. I am contacting the ACLU about this and am considering a lawsuit. YOU MUST STOP THIS CRAP.

One of the "officers" had the balls to tell me he was trying to protect me. This is utter BS. They were trying to get a cheap and easy drug bust, plain and simple. My crime? Being white in Smoketown. If you wanted to protect me you would have foot patrols keeping an eye on the teenage boys with nothing to do in the neighborhood, not a couple of pumped up assholes harassing any white working man that ventures into the area. If you were interested in protecting me it wouldn't have taken FORTY MINUTES for a car to show up after three school skipping teen boys stuck a damned GUN in my face. White trash buying crack has never given me any trouble but it sure does help you to suck money from the Federal tit. Maybe if you pulled some of the cops slowly patrolling the rich neighborhoods and had them slowly patrol the crime ridden areas you might actually do something about crime, but your mission is to make the rich people that donate money to politicians feel safe, not actually fight crime.

If I get stopped like this again I am going to demand to be arrested or left alone. If I'm arrested I will sue the living you know what out of the city. I am not a criminal and I WILL NOT BE TREATED LIKE ONE.


Alan Miller